Jul 072016

Just a reminder that today is the LAST DAY to download our archive. As of July 8, tomorrow, this website will be going offline. From there, we will be clearing out our archive and revamping the website. New episodes will be arriving shortly after. Hooray for new beginnings!!

Apr 082016

Originally recorded December 29, this episode features Jedipoet and Spiderwolve. And, incredibly, is actually about Star Wars.

Once again, I am just pumping this out. This episode hasn’t been touched at all save for the intro and outro added. I hope it’s not terrible!

Thanks for listening.

Apr 072016

Heeeeeyy folks. It’s been a bit, eh? Sorry about that.

Originally recorded December 20, this episode is about Jessica Jones, featuring Jedipoet and Data. Kind of still topical because of DD season 2, maybe?

Here’s a bit of an explanation about the delay on these old episodes and the current radio-silence: I’m pumping out these two episodes I’ve had in the backlog. This one was about half-edited, and the next I’m just putting out after chopping and adding the intro/outro. The main issue was that these episodes are LONG, and I haven’t had any free time enough to edit them; I’ll talk about what’s been going on next time we record, hopefully soon. Life, amirite?

Thanks for listening. Look forward to 195 by Friday.

Dec 202015

Hey folks! Dac joins Billy and Brandon in this episode to talk about his adventures in Hobbiton. The boys also discuss the new Batman v. Superman trailer, Brandon reviews Krampus, and we cover fascinating topics like the weather, numbers, and kiwis!

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Tune in next time for Data and Poet discussing Jessica Jones! Thanks for listening.

Dec 082015

Hello internet!

This episode, Brandon and Billy jump right into some Batman talk. Covering classic and modern comics, Nolan’s films, and the animated series, all while Billy battles the Arkham Knight (and discovers his true identity! So, spoilers). As if by magic, we happened to record this episode just before the new Dawn of Justice trailer dropped, which would’ve been great to talk about. Oh well, next time!

We’re assembling a new schedule of guests, so be sure to send us an email if you’d like to be on or have something you think we should talk about. Thanks for listening!